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L and D Landfill and Material Recovery Facility (L and D) is centrally located to serve Sacramento and surrounding areas at 8635 Fruitridge Road in Sacramento. In 1976, L and D Landfill Limited Partnership started operating a landfill at this site.  Emphasizing service to business and commercial customers, L and D Landfill primarily receives construction and demolition (C&D) debris and other non-hazardous waste.

The size and operation of L and D have evolved over time. In 1996, approvals were received to expand from 92 acres to approximately 160 acres. The on-going, phased expansion of the landfill is proceeding in accordance with current Federal and State law, which  provides for the use of composite liners, a leachate control and recovery system, and other features for protection of the environment.

L and D has also augmented the range of services offered to the community. In July 1999, L and D initiated service to “self-haul” clients; residential and small business customers who utilize trucks, vans and other small vehicles. The service has been well received and is a complement to our longstanding relationship with permitted haulers and commercial customers.

In response to state and local regulation, more effort is being devoted to recycling at L and D. A recycling rate for self-haul waste in excess of 30% is being maintained. In 2008, L and D began a C&D recycling operation to provide C&D recycling to permitted haulers to assist them with meeting their diversion mandates. This operation has received certification from Sacramento County Waste Authority and currently recycles in excess of 50%.


8635 Fruitridge Road - Sacramento CA - (916) 383-9420